Humanly Hired: How I started My Journey in Human Inc as an Intern

by Akid Iskandar Eng

Going through different internship interviews has been one of the highlights of my learning experiences so far. However, this experience was also a challenging one. Before I started working at Human Inc, I went through a total of six interviews with several organisations for my internship.

My first three interviews were with well-known companies. During these three interviews, I felt nervous and anxious to impress the interviewer. The emotions heightened when I did not receive any updates from these companies. None of them even sent a rejection letter. This made me start doubting myself, I wondered: do they even consider me a good enough candidate?

After attending two more interviews with other companies, I discovered Human Inc’s job posting for a People Operations intern on Hiredly. I did some research on the company and the first thing I read was the organisation’s vision, “A world where businesses serve humans”. I immediately resonated with the vision because it reflected the beliefs that were close to my heart. 

The first stage of the Human Inc interview was the video screening. I was given 48 hours to submit a video sharing what my expectations are for my time at Human Inc and why I would be a good fit for the Human Tribe. I felt this was my opportunity to set myself apart from other candidates on why I wanted to do my internship here.

After submitting the video, I got through to the interview stage. I went through a total of 3 interview rounds with 3 Humans with whom I will be working closely. During these interviews, I learned some very important things about Human Inc and the workplace culture it fosters. 


Human Inc Encourages Me to Be My Authentic Self

The first virtual face-to-face touchpoint was my interview with Sarah, Human Inc’s People Lead. I wanted to make a good first impression, so I suited up with a blazer. Sarah’s first words to me were, “just make yourself comfortable and we’ll have a casual chat.” Upon hearing this, I realised that comfort  was something that has been lacking in my past interview experiences. With Sarah’s encouragement, I felt at ease. I was able to continue the conversation without feeling the need to over impress her. I could be myself.

Human Inc Showed Me That We Can Achieve the Organisation's Mission Together as a Team

In the next stage of the interview process, I met Ashley, Human Inc’s Finance Manager. Over the course of this particular conversation, I began to have a deeper grasp of the organisation and how Human Inc’s employees work collaboratively to achieve their purpose. Ashley explained to me that the organization prioritises innovation and, to achieve that, Human Inc’s employees work together as a tribe to deliver its objective – helping companies win through innovation, culture and future skills on a daily basis. Individual roles are crucial but the impact that Human Inc is able to create is due to the collective contribution of all Humans. 

At Human Inc, Everyone’s Voice Matters -
Even If I’m “just” an Intern

The last and final stage of the hiring process was an interview with Willy, Human Inc’s Chief Operating Officer. I was worried before the call, but I convinced myself that everything would be fine and that I should just be myself. Willy was more than happy to share everything with me: beginning with the company’s values and ending with their expectations for their interns. Willy’s statement on how they value every employee’s opinion, regardless of whether you are a senior consultant or an intern, was the highlight of our chat.

By the end of the week, I was overjoyed to learn that I had been offered the People Operations Intern role. I instantly felt welcomed into the organisation. I also enjoyed going through Human Inc’s interview process as it works as a filtration for culture fits rather than just shiny CVs. I am grateful to have found myself working for a company that works with a positive attitude and prioritizes the growth of both its clients and its employees. For instance, I really appreciate that my manager, Sarah, has prepared a weekly check-in with me to highlight some areas in which I can improve in the future.  This also allows me to have one-on-one communication with my manager and eliminates the lack of clarity of other methods of communication (such as email), especially when working from home. 


Going through Human Inc’s interview process has been one of the high points of my learning experience, and I’m extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Human Tribe, where the organisation allows me to be my authentic self, showed me how we can fulfil the organization’s mission as a team, and makes sure that everyone’s voice matters. This internship experience has provided me with a platform to apply my knowledge and abilities to real-life problems, as well as clarity on the path of my future career. 


A Personal Note From Me to You

Here are some quick tips to ace your interview: 

  1. Reflect on your career aspirations, and identify a company and/or role that will help you progress in that direction. There are advantages and disadvantages to working at MNCs vs start-ups, and you should choose the path that will allow you to scale your knowledge and skill sets the fastest.
  2. Before attending the interview, make sure you’ve done your research about the firm and JD you’re applying for. Have a good grasp of what the business is about, what their key offerings/products are, and think about what kind of value they would be looking for in an ideal candidate. During your interview, share your thoughts about this to validate them with your interviewer. This will help you in identifying whether the responsibilities of the role are aligned with your aspirations.
  3. Find organisations that are purpose/vision-driven if you are looking for “more than a job”. If you are looking for fulfillment, a rich culture to be a part of, and colleagues you can build deep relationships with, look beyond the JD/vacancy, and look up the people working in the organisation. You can even research your potential manager and get a better understanding of who they are. When you get to your interview, focus on determining whether the company is as good a fit for you, as you are for them.
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Finally, if you’re reading this and you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or discouraged after multiple rejections, don’t lose hope just yet. There are countless opportunities to work with a company that would be honoured to have you as part of their team. Just remember that your talents are unique to you and whether or not a company decides to hire should not determine your worth.

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