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Humanising Hiring


Hack 2 Hire is an intensive hackathon which flips the script on the usual hiring process. Gather your most promising candidates and give them a sandbox in which they can show off their abilities and business acumen. Hack 2 Hire allows you to evaluate potential hires based on their real-world ability to collaborate and solve problems.

Course Overview

Hack 2 Hire allows employers to observe candidates working through challenges designed to showcase the skills and abilities which would most contribute to their success in the organisation. Understand first-hand how new hires might impact your teams and what talents they bring.

This hiring hackathon can be tailored to your company’s needs and incorporate pre-determined metrics. Assess leadership capabilities, communication skills, or ability to work in teams in a way that lets the candidate’s most important qualities shine through.

Impacts of Hack 2 Hire

Measure and observe the skills and abilities that matter most to the candidate’s success by observing them at work.



Take the guesswork out of organisational fit and reduce turnover. Improve the experience of not just candidates, but teams, managers, and human resources.


Set yourself apart as a company that not only preaches but practices innovation by adopting a more human-centric hiring practice.

Meet your Facilitators


Founding Partner

With over 20 years of experience in the fields of innovation, learning and facilitation of change, Chris is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker.He facilitates innovation labs for large organisations and runs 4 core modules: Design Thinking, Agile Projects, Cx4 Innovation Strategy, and Work 3.0. 


Principal, Design

Mike helps organisations create innovative work cultures through the training & integration of Design Thinking methodologies. With a background in aerospace education, and a wealth of general management experience


Principal, Growth

Nitin deeply appreciates dynamic, creative companies that don’t just think outside the box — they take it apart and make something new out of it. He is happy to be a quirky Geek Fu evangelist, spreading the good word about talented, tech-forward companies that make life better, funner, and more creative

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