Culture and Employee Experience

Leverage organisational culture to drive people change, adopt new technology & grow your business:

  • Embrace change better and drive seamless agile execution

  • Curate daily engaging employee experiences to deliver delightful customer experiences

  • Improve internal collaboration to drive efficiency and effectiveness

  • Transform mindsets to advance technology adoption and innovation

Why is Culture key to success

An engaged culture has lower resistance to and higher adaptability for change: Poor culture has caused 80% of transformation projects to fail.


An ‘accidental culture’ leaves employees with no guidance and tools to adapt to change. A guided and intentionally designed culture will consider pain points and create relevant experiences that allows space for employees to embrace change.


Culture enables or disables innovation  Great culture motivates and allows employees to find new ways to succeed for the company, increasing your competitive advantage.

Our approach to Culture Activation



Understand current state of culture journey, culture pain points and opportunity spaces to inform Design phase.

Example deliverables:

  • Culture assessment (Interviews, desktop research, pulse checks…)

  • Key stakeholders culture goals alignmentsUnderstand current state of culture journey, culture pain points and opportunity spaces to inform Design phase



Design Culture strategies & enablers, and craft roadmap covering key touch-points, initiatives and success metrics

Example deliverables:

  • Culture Strategy Design Sprints

  • Culture implementation roadmaps

  • Communications plans

  • Culture Playbook



Activate campaigns, touch-points and respective initiatives, with constant mentoring and periodic pulse checks on culture process, ownership and success of culture initiatives.

Example deliverables:

  • Culture Activation Campaigns

  • Values, Mindsets and Capabilities initiatives

  • EX/culture transformation and testing

  • Culture dashboards trackers and mentoring

How else can we help you?

Accelerate Transformation

Leverage organisational culture to drive people change, technology adoption & business growth


Culture & EX

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Future-Ready Talent

Train Certified Design Thinkers and Agile Leaders with Human Inc Academy

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Design Thinking

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Agile Mindset

Deliver Customer-Centric Innovation

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