Design Lab

Explore. Define.

Create. Test.

Solution Design Labs are short, action-packed workshops which bring together multi-functional teams to explore and define business needs and then quickly co-create, and prototype novel solution concepts that can be tested with real users.

Lab Overview

Quickly make sense of the market, develop solutions, and test them out with real users in our 5-day Solution Design Lab. Co-create and prototype novel solutions to your most pressing problems and practice a methodology that’s proven to impact organisations. Made famous by companies like IBM, Apple, and Google, Design Labs have been used across all industry verticals to drive agility, innovation, and customer-centricity.

Solution Design Labs bring together a task-force with the right skills to evaluate business needs, understand customer viewpoints, and execute new programmes. This method of designing products and services reduces development costs and fast-tracks launch so you get near instant market validation.

How Solution Design Lab can help you design relevant solutions


Discover and adopt a methodology that links business challenges to customer needs while also tapping into the true potential of your teams.

Rethink the way challenges are perceived and turn them into opportunities for innovation. Solution Design Labs aren’t just about practising in hypothetical scenarios, they’re about delivering real solutions and creating instant impact.



Realign your company goals with customer needs in a way that engages your top talent and brings real stakeholders to the table.

How else can we help you?

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