Power teams to quickly build products that customers love

Why do leading Companies use Design Sprints?

  • Product life-cycles are shortening - yet product development time to market is too slow

  • Customer expectations are changing: you need new ideas and opportunities to deliver superior customer value with customer journeys that boosts sales and retention.

  • Boost workforce energy and drive team synergy to deliver engagement, strategic alignment and business performance

Lab Overview

  • Understand what customers really want to inform product strategies.

  • Practice real cross-functional collaboration to generate winning ideas

  • Accelerate product development - seriously, like, in a week

  • Eliminate market risk through rapid prototyping and customer validation

  • Deliver customer experiences that sets you apart from the competition

  • Use design-driven innovation practices in your organisation/team for tangible business results

Sprint Outcomes:

Course Format

  • 6-Days of 8 hour sessions over 3-6 weeks - virtual, offline or mixed

  • Optional execution mentoring sessions post sprint

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How Solution Design Lab can help you design relevant solutions

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Align on a powerful business relevant design challenge

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Discover new opportunities in the market through user and customer research


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Generate creative user-centric ideas that meets new business needs


Prototype, Test, & Iterate

Validate the prototype to ensure product and market fit

Pitch solution to stakeholders for decision making


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Execute with mentoring. Create, deliver and track a tangible implementation plan

How else can we help you?

Accelerate Transformation

Leverage organisational culture to drive people change, technology adoption & business growth


Culture & EX

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Virtual Team Building


Future-Ready Talent

Train Certified Design Thinkers and Agile Leaders with Human Inc Academy

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Design Thinking

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Agile Mindset

Deliver Customer-Centric Innovation

Power teams to quickly build products and services that customers love

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Design Sprint